Monday, April 27, 2009


When i said rolling, i mean the favorite action that u'd love ur dog perform repeatedly without feeling bored -roll over. It is fun to imitate others' , object to release stress as well. hmm... i used to. But i stopped once the condition for my performance stage is becoming filthy until i decided to protect myself from having crack heels (yeah, it's been all the time). Sometimes u find life is boring because matters that happens do not come your way. You begin to feel annoyed and nagged to people around you after u began with Lord : why the world is unfair to me? Lol, if the world is fair, u wont have black, yellow and white complexion human being. There is nothing call calamity which brought tremendous damages to people without giving a sign or an alarm, the tragedies of Katrina in United States, earthquake in China. People are groaning for help, begging for money to rebuild homes and hoping the disaster will stop immediately. With the advanced technology, it cant cease from happening. Not to be pessimist here, but, there will one day when the world is collasped, bible calls this scenario -Armaggedon.

The movie, 'Armaggedon', isnt a joke but a sign to warn people that this will occur. 'Knowing' is another flick to picture the future. Ever ask yourself, why do movie maker decided to produce all these scary films?? Hm? They do not make a film for the sake of making it by applying fear appeal in their productions. Believe it or not, it's proven by scientists that these are going to happen, with only one query leave them suspicious- When?

hey, don be afraid if one day the government announces this frightening news in media. Additional, the occurrences that i mentioned above are apparently a sign for you, to be aware. In case, i've gone too far from the initial topic- Rolling. Why not try a roll over in your private space (perhaps, your room)? So u know the world is dying now, why not adore urself more since u learn the bad situation u're living at? :)

Stop worrying about nonense, look far, look ahead of what u dream for. Step forward, learn to forget the unhappies and embrace the happies. Distance yourself from friends who make u feel anxious and hang out with friends who make u feel happy. [Note: do not center urself in their lives before u lost ur true identity.]

Love your life.


byoong said...

i m the 1st one who drop u comment. LOL.
HEYYY, is good. i can improve my english through INSURMOUNTABLE LOVE.

BABE, jia you. u r pretty, thus i love u. haha

byoong said...

besides, i agree ur post.
the world is unfair?
actually it is based on personal perception.

"the world is not fair"
this sentance is negative

# m a n d y t ; said...

God saves ! =)